Seminars, outdoor events, keynote speeches, stage shows, conferences – the key to good eventing is successfully juggling all the balls behind the scenes and projecting a smooth and seamless experience to the attendees. Let Iguana Group take the hassle away from organising your event.

The Hundred Club – an exclusive dinner event in an intimate setting

Following the Commercial Vehicle Show, Mercedes Benz host The Hundred Club for their top commercial customers. The attendees must feel relaxed and engaged in a truly intimate setting. The keynote speeches and presentations must be smooth and impactful. And, of course, the whole evening must go off without a hitch!

Non-stop hair styling action at the Fellowship stage show

During Salon International, Fellowship for British Hairdressing hold back-to-back stage shows demonstrating the latest trends and news in the industry. This challenging agenda requires us to bring together an engaging stage set-up, flawlessly reliable audio visual, professional lighting and seamless behind-the-scenes management to produce a world-class experience for the audience.


Take your brand directly to your customers

If you can’t bring your customers to you, the only option to physically get your product or service in front of your potential clients is to get on the road! Iguana Group has wide-ranging experience in fitting out roadshow trailers and custom containers and managing on-the-road campaigns. We can take over the complete logistics and provide a hassle-free experience throughout.