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Step into the world of Iguana Group, highly experienced exhibition stand builders in Europe. Across the historically rich boulevards of Paris, through the innovation-centred alleys of Berlin, to the art-laden streets of Barcelona and beyond, our exhibition stand designs have taken centre stage. With every project, we stamp our highly bespoke mark on Europe’s most iconic exhibition venues. Our expansive knowledge reaches across the beautiful and culturally rich European continent, allowing us to meticulously craft show floor stands that bridge cultural divides and resonate with attendees.

From the Nordic fjords to the Mediterranean shores, Iguana is synonymous with unmatched elegance and functionality. Our stands aren’t just structures, they are artistic centrepieces that reflect the global dreams of our clients while seamlessly blending with regional subtleties. Dive into our portfolio and witness first-hand how we elevate simple spaces into immersive brand encounters that leave a lasting impression on European audiences.

Why Choose Us for Exhibition Stand Designs in Europe?

Wago two tier exhibition stand

Europe, with its rich tapestry of cultures, demands a unique approach to exhibition stand design. Iguana Group is revered as a top-tier exhibition stand builder across Europe, masterfully blending creativity with European sensibilities. We’ve honed an expertise that caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring your brand’s voice resonates, whether in the business hubs of London, the fashion streets of Milan or the tech corridors of Stockholm

Our exhibition stands effectively showcase your brand, engaging audiences, encouraging connections and lingering long in the memory.

By trusting us with your exhibition stand design in Europe, you tap into over three decades of experience that have culminated in our use of cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices. Let your brand stand tall in Europe’s dynamic exhibition spaces with Iguana – where innovation meets sophistication.

Cobham exhibition stand

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Our journey across Europe is not just marked by exhibition stands but by the success stories they leave in their wake. Our collaborative work with renowned brands has etched a legacy that’s both expansive and deeply impactful. We’ve collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands, enabling them to stand out in key European exhibitions. Take, for instance, HarperCollins and DPD:

The Group Design Manager of HarperCollins appreciated our unwavering commitment: “Not content with simply delivering on the promise of the initial concept, Iguana are always striving to improve on past performances…”. We achieved a meticulous balance between brand presence and collaboration for them. DPD, emphasising their eco-centric ethos, shared: “We had a fantastic response from everyone at Fully Charged Live. […] People really appreciate what we are doing with electric vehicles and all our other green initiatives”. Our sustainable solution for DPD wasn’t just about aesthetics but deeply resonated with their brand message.

Minor Hotels Exhibition Stand

Our work extends beyond crafting stands – it’s about forging enduring partnerships and penning success stories. Dive into our diverse portfolio and experience the Iguana touch first-hand.

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