Iguana Group Pod Solutions

February 18, 2021
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Iguana Group Pod Solutions

Introducing the easipod

In current times there is often a need for a semi-permanent structure to be installed quickly and easily at a residential or commercial property. However many of the solutions available out there have lead times of 4-5 weeks. How do we provide a slick and functional solution but get it to our customers quickly and easily?

The answer is the Iguana Group easipod. We work with a local supplier who provides pre-fabricated, insulated panels of the type commonly used for building cold-rooms for the hospitality unit. These form the basis of our flexible, easy to assemble structures and provide weatherproof and warm spaces for a variety of uses.

The best part? We can deliver and install these anywhere in the UK within 7-10 days of an order being placed

Some of the possible uses include:

  • Safe visiting pods for care homes
  • Meeting areas for commercial enterprises
  • Home offices
  • Testing pods
  • Waiting areas

Features include:

  • Custom branding / imagery
  • Integrated electrics and lighting
  • Heating
  • Optional electronic features (panic alarms, intercoms, hearing loops)
  • Secure access

Get in touch today and discuss your requirements enquiries@iguanagroup.co.uk