who are we?

we are brave, bold and fearless
we are adaptable, determined and creative
we let our actions do the talking

we are iguana group

At Iguana Group, we breathe life into your brand. We help your clients engage with you and your products or services, allowing them to connect with you – helping them to buy into you before they ever buy from you. We understand that your brand is a promise – a promise of quality, of value, of a better future. At Iguana Group, we deliver on our promises so you can deliver on yours.

our values

Our values are more than just buzz words because they sound good. They are fundamental, forming the bedrock on which we stand. We are fearless, looking to innovate, never settling for second best. We like to stand out from the crowd, walk the path less travelled and be different. We cultivate and nurture deep relationships with our clients and suppliers enabling us to breathe life into their brands in powerful and creative ways so we can deliver on our promises. Because we deeply value our people and our planet, we ensure we live up to the duty of care we have for both.

how we work

We like asking straight-forward, searching questions. We will never just take a brief from you and deliver on that. We get behind and underneath the plain text of the brief to really understand your brand, products and services and what your aims and goals are. Then we create the right solution for you with real innovation in design. Finally we deliver – not just a real-world product or service but a brand experience that engages your audience and inspires them to action. From start to finish, we offer a full done-for-you, turnkey service that means you can focus on what you do best – delivering on the promises of your brand.

our story

Iguana Group is a family-run business that was born out of the recognition that many businesses and organisations are often let down by creative agencies that don’t understand their brand promise and are treated as just an account number.

We launched in 1993 with a clear focus to keep meaningful customer service and relationships at the heart of all we do. This is not something we pay lip service to – it’s who we are.

Having started with supporting businesses with stands at the NEC, we have grown steadily and now support companies exhibiting all over the world – with a particular specialism in the USA. Any good business needs to adapt and evolve and now, in addition to designing and producing exhibition stands, we offer a complete done-for-you brand experience service helping our clients engage and inspire their audience – breathing life in into their brand.

the iguana way

“We take the time to sit down with our clients and really understand them and their business.” How many times have you heard someone say that?
It’s become a cliché, a bit meaningless, not very original. So, what makes us different from other brand experience companies?

Simply – it’s not about us. It’s not about how good we are, how we can solve any problem or rise to any challenge. It’s not about how far we’ll travel to have that face-to-face meeting or add the little personal touches that make such a difference. It’s not about how we fix any mistakes, stay later, work harder or the fun we have along the way.

Yes, we do all of those things but it’s about you and your brand – creating powerful and effective ways to ensure that your audience experience your brand promises as intended. And that means we take the time to sit down and really understand you and your business. That’s the Iguana Way.

how can we help?

You’ve got a brand and products or services you’re rightly proud of. You know there’s the potential for so much more but you’re not sure how best to unlock it. You want to effectively engage your audience in a way that matters and makes a difference, allowing them to experience your brand, products or services new and innovative ways. You know the challenges you face but you also know you can’t do it alone.

That’s where we come in. We’ve been breathing life into brands for over 25 years and so we’re confident that we’ve got what it takes to make a difference to yours. The question is, are we a good fit? We know we’re not right for every business, but we might be perfect for yours.

So why not give us a call on +44 1527 861111 and see if, together, we can begin the journey of breathing life into your brand.