At the heart of technological innovation and global mobile connectivity lies the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. In 2025, this influential event is set to take place from the 3rd to the 6th of March, at Fira Gran Via, Barcelona . If you’re looking to exhibit at this premier event and need a stand designer, Iguana is your go-to expert for a presence that demands attention.  

With over three decades in the industry, Iguana has refined the art of creating bespoke exhibition stands that resonate with the ethos and grandeur of the MWC. Our team of dedicated designers and builders meticulously create stands that not only capture your brand identity but also elevate its visibility and prominence to the international audience of the show.

 As statistics from the Mobile World Congress in 2023 revealed, (waiting for the updates for this years exhibition) over 2,400 exhibitors took part, with 50% of attendees being of director level and above. It’s an arena where the world’s technological elite converge, and where every square foot counts, and with Iguana’s exhibition stands, tailored specifically for the MWC environment, you ensure that your stand is truly unmissable. 

From Concept to Completion : Iguana’s Exhibition Stand Mastery

Much more than just stand contractors, Iguana prides itself on creating unforgettable brand centrepieces. Our journey with you starts with the seed of an idea, which we cultivate into a grand visual spectacle. As we fuse your brand’s ethos with our design prowess, the result is nothing short of an architectural marvel tailored to your unique specifications.  

We cater to every nuance – from design inception to the actual build and even post-event disassembly. Our seasoned experts handle each phase with precision, ensuring your exhibit stands out and communicates your brand ethos.   

Exhibitions can be demanding, but with Iguana’s comprehensive portfolio, you can relinquish all the hassle, allowing you to focus solely on engaging with your audience. Let Iguana’s deep experience as a bespoke exhibition stand company carry your presence at MWC to success.

We have built stands for every Mobile World Congress event since 2011 (barring pandemic years), and here are images of just some of the finished exhibition spaces we’ve created in that time. 


Why Choose Us as Your Stand Contractors?

Navigating the intricate landscape of exhibitions requires a seasoned guide, and that’s where Iguana shines. Boasting over 30 years of industry-leading expertise, our portfolio is a testament to the variety of brands we’ve transformed into exhibition centrepieces. Instead of just creating stands, we craft immersive spaces that instigate genuine dialogue, foster interactions and leave indelible memories in your visitors’ – and potential customers’ – minds.  

As a highly experienced stand designer, each partnership we embark upon is treated with unparalleled dedication, ensuring your brand’s ethos is reflected in every facet of the design. With Iguana, you’re not just procuring a service, you’re investing in a partnership that prioritises your business’s success more than anything else. Choose us and let our legacy of excellence elevate your presence at the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  

The Unrivalled Advantages of Showcasing at the Mobile World Congress 

Stepping into the Mobile World Congress is to enter the global epicentre of connectivity and technological advancement. As an exhibitor, you’re presented with an opportunity to engage with a staggering 88.5k attendees. More impressively, a full half of this audience comprises decision-makers – influential figures at director level and above, the true game-changers of the industry. Mobile World Congress is not just an exhibition but is the most influential connectivity event on the planet, and where ensuring you stand out is vital for the future of your innovations.  

So in this bustling hive of opportunity, how do you ensure your brand cuts through? This is where Iguana’s prowess comes to the fore. Our exhibition displays are more than structures, they’re centrepieces for your story, crafted meticulously to magnify your brand’s voice amidst the cacophony. With Iguana, you won’t just be a part of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, you’ll be a standout highlight.


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Our Custom Spaces

Exhibitions provide a direct route to enthral and connect with your audience. Immersive events like MWC can produce quantifiable results and will illuminate your brand. 

Digital Engagements

Explore the huge opportunities offered by the digital world. Find countless methods to dazzle your customers, from augmented panoramas and virtual worlds to real-world interactions and personalised apps. 

Event Coordination

Events bring your clients and team together for shared experiences and long-lasting memories, from illuminating conferences and keynote presentations to cosy dinners and team outings. alues.

Building Confidence

We value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Delivering consistently high-quality stands and fostering transparent communication form the essence of our long-standing relationships.

Eco-Responsible Designs

With the planet in mind, we adopt green strategies in our workflow. From using materials that can be recycled to adopting energy-conscious methods, our stands at MWC will reflect our – and your – eco-ethos. 

Leveraging the Latest Tech

Modern tech isn’t just an additional extra with our stands, it’s integral to our designs. Be it augmented reality engagements or touch-responsive interfaces, we bring cutting-edge tech to exhibitions, particularly for dynamic events like MWC. 

A Glimpse into Iguana’s Previous stands

Our legacy as an event management and exhibition company shines through the many brands we’ve partnered with in the past. By delving into our expansive portfolio, you’ll see years of our dedication, innovation and unparalleled artisanship – all qualities we can bring to your stand at the next Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.   

It’s no surprise that Iguana stands out as the epitome of exceptional stand design. To truly appreciate the depth of our capabilities and the breadth of our achievements, we invite you to explore our previous centrepieces. Let our past inspire your future and discover first-hand why so many brands choose Iguana repeatedly.  

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