Bespoke exhibition stand by Iguana for Astute

Standing out in an innovative market is never easy and getting noticed amongst some of the world’s best and brightest at Electronica 2024 takes more than an intelligent concept or superior idea, you need the WOW factor. 

Luckily for you, that is exactly what Iguana brings. We don’t make run-of-the-mill bespoke exhibition stands that blend into the crowd, we are trendsetters and risk-takers bursting with creative ideas to make your exhibition stand the only one that counts. Let us impress you.  

Build Your Brand With Iguana Group 

  • Getting to Know you 
    Tell us all about yourself and your company. Knowledge is our secret weapon and the more you arm us with, the more we can precisely capture your company, your values and your message, helping us envisage a bespoke exhibition stand design and build that does your brand justice.
  • Design and more 
    Once we have a clear picture of who you are, our team of creative experts will begin designing a unique exhibition stand to capture your identity and deliver your message to the Electronica Exhibition 2024.  
  • Ready to go 
    Once our designs are complete and you have managed to roll your tongue back into your mouth, we will begin building your bespoke exhibition stand for easy installation at Electronica 2024 and ready to dazzle the crowds.
  • Stand out together 
    When we craft a new exhibition stand, we have two targets, to capture the audience and make it unforgettable. We know this benefits both our clients and ourselves as a host of new customers are introduced to your products and services and they may happen to be in the market for a new exhibition stand.
Astute's exhibition stand

Why choose us as your custom exhibition stand contractors?

What Iguana Can Offer

Meet, Conspire and Conquer

Electronica 2024 is the ideal setting for four days of meeting, greeting and impressing your target audience face-to-face, generating new business, creating enduring professional relationships and forming the future of technology and electronics. 

Sustainable Focus

With the climate crisis being such a serious issue that we all must address, what better way to show your green values to potential customers than through an exhibition stand that incorporates renewable and recycled materials at all opportunities.  

Get Your Message Across

Could your invention or innovation in the world of electronics help the whole industry? Could your concept be a global revelation? Do you simply have something to say that must be heard? Whatever your intention at Electronica 2024, we are the team to get your message across.  

Work Together, Succeed Together

The key to success at Electronica 2024 is delivering a clear message and being heard. Having an exhibition stand that reflects your company’s values and steals the show will deliver this and then some. This is why we prioritise getting to understand your brand inside and out, ensuring the bespoke exhibition stand we create for your company truly reflects your principles and persona.   

Versatility and Flexibility

As skilled bespoke exhibition stands designers and constructors, we are second to none, and our flawless unity between design and manufacture is what brings our creations to life. This collaboration has proven to be very successful for a variety of industries at numerous events, such as MWC, Agritechnica, G2E, The London Book Fair and many more. 

Reputation is Key

We are extremely selective when it comes to what we put our name to. Before we are willing to sign off on an exhibition stand, it must demonstrate our creative ingenuity, be constructed with the highest standards and function exactly as designed. This is great news for you, as you can be confident the company promoting your brand has the same high values as yourself.  

Brand Exposure custom build exhibition stand by Iguana

Why Exhibit at Electronica?

There is no greater trade exhibition for business networking than the world’s largest electronics expo Electronica 2024, which attracts participants from more than 100 nations. This year, over 2,100 exhibitors will be in attendance and over 70,000 visitors are expected. 

Entice the largest crowd and keep them all to yourself with your unique and exquisite exhibition stand. Be the star of the show between November 12th and November 15th, 2024, and bathe in the glory whilst delighting in the envious eyes of all the other exhibitors and their trade shacks! 

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Get your own eye-popping bespoke exhibition stand design and build with the team that will put your brand in the mind of every potential customer.   

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