Crafting tailored stand centrepieces for exhibitions isn’t just our business, it’s our obsession. For over 30 years, the Iguana Group has redefined the art of exhibition stand design, turning ordinary stands into dynamic and captivating spaces. At prestigious gatherings like ICE London, where the spotlight shines on every innovation, our stands don’t just get noticed, they are remembered.  

From initial concept to final construction, our expertise ensures that every detail embodies your brand, engages your audience and elevates your products. Exhibition halls are always brimming with competitors, and aligning with Iguana guarantees that your brand isn’t just seen but is celebrated too. Work with us and discover how our rich legacy of design excellence and your brand’s unique values converge, culminating in a stand that doesn’t just occupy space but demands attention. 

Your Personal Custom Exhibiton Stand Designer

When you’re navigating the complex process of procuring a stand for a major exhibition, you need more than just a vendor, you need a visionary partner that can both design and build your centrepiece. Enter Iguana. We are your personal artists and architects when it comes to creating what you need for your next exhibition. Through creativity and strategy, we bring visions to tangible reality. Our expertise lies in distilling your brand’s essence into a show floor marvel that speaks volumes about your business and lives long in the mind when the lights go out in the halls. 

Every stand we craft is a harmony of aesthetics, functionality and purpose. Our detailed process, refined over 30 years, is built around collaboration. It starts with understanding your vision, the nuances of your brand and the demographics of your audience. Our global experiences, particularly at premier events like ICE Gaming London, equip us to forecast trends, anticipate visitor behaviours, and embed elements that not only draw the eye but also facilitate meaningful interactions.

But our commitment doesn’t end with design. We oversee construction too, ensuring that every inch of your stand reflects our joint vision. With Iguana by your side, you’re not just investing in a stand, you’re securing a centrepiece that will stand out and call for attention amidst a sea of competitors, drawing your audience in and leaving an indelible mark on their memories. 

Why Choose Us to Build Your Stand for ICE London 2024?

Don’t gamble with your ICE London stand, trust in a partner that has significant experience in the London exhibition scene. At Iguana, we’re not just another exhibition stand designer, we are truly different, and here’s why: 

Deep Local Knowledge: We’re entrenched in London’s exhibition culture, navigating the logistics and intricacies of venues, especially ExCeL, with finesse. 

Industry Insight: We go beyond just designing stands, we heavily research the gaming sector and turn our insights into designs that resonate with attendees. 

Eco-Ethos: Our commitment to sustainable design not only helps care for the environment but also showcases your brand’s responsibility to the planet. 

Technological Mastery: Modern tech, from AR to touch-responsive interfaces, isn’t an add-on – it’s interwoven, making your stand profoundly memorable. 

Collaborative Process: We work closely with every client, co-creating exhibition stands that in themselves act as genuine brand ambassadors. 

When the stakes are high at ICE London 2024, Iguana ensures you’re not taking a chance but making a calculated and impactful decision. 


What Iguana Group Offers

Give Your Prospectives an Experience

Our goal for ICE Gaming London is more than just delivering you a stand – it’s about creating you an immersive space that captures attention, evokes emotions and lingers in the minds of attendees, ensuring they remember your products and services long after the event concludes.

Communicate Clearly

Cut through the cacophony of the exhibition hall and get your message across quickly and clearly. We build stands not just to showcase but to connect with your audience, conveying your brand’s ethos and values with precision and flair. 

Bring Your Brand to Life

Our tailored designs are carefully crafted to be a living manifestation of your brand. We ensure your company is presented as a lively and unforgettable entity, especially for an event like ICE London, where standing out is just that bit harder among the throng. 

Decades of Exhibition Experience

Spanning over three decades, we’ve showcased brands at myriad exhibitions, both in the UK and internationally. The seasoned expertise of our dedicated team equips us to craft tailored stands to the exacting preferences of ICE London attendees.

Our Collaborative Process

Your insights, combined with our expertise, make the perfect stand. From ideation to execution, we engage with you at each phase, ensuring the final product is a genuine representation of your brand that truly stands out at the ICE London event. 

What Drives Us

Our fervour for design, dedication to sustainable solutions and unwavering commitment to our clientele form the backbone of our business. Every stand we create, including of course those for ICE London, is a testament to these long-held values.

Building Confidence

We value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Delivering consistently high-quality stands and fostering transparent communication form the essence of our long-standing relationships.

Eco-Responsible Designs

With the planet in mind, we adopt green strategies in our workflow. From using materials that can be recycled to adopting energy-conscious methods, our stands at ICE Gaming London will reflect our – and your – eco-ethos. 

Leveraging the Latest Tech

Modern tech isn’t just an additional extra with our stands, it’s integral to our designs. Be it augmented reality engagements or touch-responsive interfaces, we bring cutting-edge tech to exhibitions, particularly for dynamic events like ICE London. 

Prioritising Our Partners

Every client is pivotal to us. With a service approach centred around you, we ensure that our stands not only fit your budgetary constraints but also amplify your return on investment at the ICE London show and beyond. 

When is ICE London?

Set to run from the 6th to the 8th of February 2024 at London’s marina-side ExCeL exhibition centre, ICE Gaming London is the pinnacle of industry gatherings for sectors including betting, bingo, casinos, lotteries and more. ICE London also spotlights innovations in mobile and online platforms, esports, payments and sports betting, making it a diverse showcase of the broader gaming industry.  

This premier event promises a fusion of cutting-edge technologies, invaluable industry insights and unparalleled networking opportunities for professionals worldwide. As the industry converges on London for these three pivotal days, Iguana is primed to ensure your brand shines brightly in this dynamic environment. 

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Looking to make a lasting impression at ICE 2024? Iguana is here to help. Specialising in stands tailored for the gaming industry, we’re poised to elevate your brand’s presence. Get in touch today – whether you email us at, call us on 01527 861111, or use the contact form below, our team is eager to assist and craft a stand that resonates with your audience. 

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