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Get your plane tickets sorted, get your hotel booked and pack your suitcase full of excitement because the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 expo is less than six months away. Are you ready? More importantly is your brand ready? Your product may work precisely as intended and be the answer to an integration issue, whether that is software or hardware, but nobody will know if they can’t hear you. From the 30th of January to the 2nd of February 2024, the ISE will be in full swing at the Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, and now is the time to get ready to show off.   

At Iguana, we have 30 years of experience in the industry as exhibition builders, and are proud to be known as show-offs, because that is what we are – however, we draw all the attention to you. We don’t just create displays that stand out in a busy expo, but we create brand experiences with innovative and engaging ideas, and platforms to not just introduce your product to the market but allow visitors to immerse themselves in all things you.  

ENEA Exhibition Stand

Creative Design for ISE 2024

At the Integrated Systems Europe 2024 exhibition, there will be 60,000 square metres of floor space filled with over 900 brands all vying for attention, so how are you going to make sure you are visible amongst the crowd? It is the time to invest in an attention-grabbing stand that doesn’t just make visitors’ jaws drop but keeps them there. Iguana is the creative team that can design and develop a bespoke exhibition stand that integrates modern technology and innovative ideas to ensure visitors flock to you during the ISE and remember you long after it ends.  

We are fearless innovators who never settle for second best, and through our brand partnerships, we don’t just create a platform to best put your products in the spotlight, we create an experience that people can’t help but speak of, knowing your name will be on the lips of endless potential new customers and so will ours. We succeed together. 

Being innovative is one thing, but without relatability, it could easily wander off into the realms of obscure. Before we design and build a stand, we listen intently to our client to understand their values and brand identity, so we can ensure this comes across strongly in their stand. Standing out correctly is the difference between fame and infamy, and the goal must always be to place your products firmly on the A-list.   

Highlights and reasons to be at ISE 2024

The Toyo Ito designed Fira Gran Via is known throughout the world as the modern trade centre that provides practicality with style, whilst catering for up to 12,000 visitors. The centre boasts 240,000 square metres of exhibition space, eight halls, 45 restaurants and parking for 4500 vehicles. When it comes to an expo like Integrated Systems Europe 2024, this venue attracts the whole industry, and with those numbers of potential new clients, it is not to be missed. Particularly if you take centre stage. 

ISE is the place where the AV industry comes together. With attendance from 170 countries, it’s where the kick-offs happen, it’s where the new products are launched, it’s where people come to learn and be inspired. We are proud to call ourselves ISE: the world’s leading AV and systems integration show. All the connections you need.’ – Mike Blackman, Managing Director. Integrated Systems Europe 

A three-day exhibition could attract 30,000 potential new clients to your brand, and with 170 countries represented, it could be the doorway to brand-new markets. It is therefore vital to be prepared to take ISE 2024 by storm, by having a stunning stand designed and created to stand out from the ‘hoi polloi’ and run-of-the-mill housing of your competitors and give your soon-to-be new customers an experience that showcases your superb products and brings your brand to life.   


What Iguana Offers

Give Your Prospectives an Experience

Our goal for ISE is more than just delivering you a stand – it’s about creating you an immersive space that captures attention, evokes emotions and lingers in the minds of attendees, ensuring they remember your products and services long after the event concludes.

Communicate Clearly

Cut through the cacophony of the exhibition hall and get your message across quickly and clearly. We build stands not just to showcase but to connect with your audience, conveying your brand’s ethos and values with precision and flair. 

Bring Your Brand to Life

Our custom stand designs are carefully crafted to be a living manifestation of your brand. We ensure your company is presented as a lively and unforgettable entity, especially for an event like ISE Europe, where standing out is just that bit harder among the throng. 

Decades of Exhibition Experience

Spanning over three decades, we’ve showcased brands at myriad exhibitions, both in the UK and internationally. The seasoned expertise of our dedicated team equips us to craft tailored stands to the exacting preferences of ISE attendees.

Our Collaborative Process

Your insights, combined with our expertise, make the perfect stand. From ideation to execution, we engage with you at each phase, ensuring the final product is a genuine representation of your brand that truly stands out at the ISE Barcelona event. 

What Drives Us

Our fervour for design, dedication to sustainable solutions and unwavering commitment to our clientele form the backbone of our business. Every stand we create, including of course those for ISE Europe, is a testament to these long-held values.

Building Confidence

We value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Delivering consistently high-quality stands and fostering transparent communication form the essence of our long-standing relationships.

Eco-Responsible Designs

With the planet in mind, we adopt green strategies in our workflow. From using materials that can be recycled to adopting energy-conscious methods, our stands at ISE Barcelona will reflect our – and your – eco-ethos. 

Leveraging the Latest Tech

Modern tech isn’t just an additional extra with our stands, it’s integral to our designs. Be it augmented reality engagements or touch-responsive interfaces, we bring cutting-edge tech to exhibitions, particularly for dynamic events like ISE. 

Prioritising Our Partners

Every client is pivotal to us. With a service approach centred around you, we ensure that our stands not only fit your budgetary constraints but also amplify your return on investment at the ISE show and beyond. 

Harper Collins custom built stand

Showcase your brand at ISE Europe Barcelona 2024

At Iguana, we are not one-trick ponies and don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed as just stand builders who work with one industry. We pride ourselves on being versatile and new customers from new industries excite us as they really get our creative juices flowing. We have designed stands for AICO, the European market leader in home life safety, Astute, the global component distributor, a fully sustainable stand for logistics giants DPD and a superb two-tier creation for WAGO, a global leading provider of electrical solutions, that was not only designed and constructed in two days but also went home with the Stand of the Show award.    

We were also the stand builders for publishing titans Harper Collins, and designed a London Book Fair stand that recreated the look and feel of a coffee shop, which allowed people to relax in any of the 176 seats and become engrossed in the huge range of books on offer. 

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At Iguana, we are always looking for new partnerships that allow us to do what we do best – make you look good. Our team are full of original ideas of how to put your brand at the forefront of your industry and have the balls to go where other creatives dare not. This is what makes us the innovators we are. If you want a stand that really sells your brand, get in touch with our expert team and let us make you the talk of the town.   

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