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Getting recognised in a competitive field such as the pharmaceutical industry is challenging. It’s crucial for your business to distinguish itself among the very best at CPHI Celebration 2024. It takes a lot more than a clever display and pamphlets to gain recognition, you need to capture the attention of audiences and deliver your company’s message.

Thankfully, Iguana provides state-of-the-art bespoke exhibition stands, along with creative thinking to get all eyes on your brand. More than just an exhibition stand, we present you with the ability to engage attendees like never before. See what we’re all about.

Have Your Brand Stand Out With Iguana Group

  • Getting to Know Your Business -No two companies are the same, we want to know about your business and what makes it unique. We immerse ourselves in learning everything there is to know about your company and the industry, to provide you with the bespoke exhibition stand design that perfectly encapsulates your brand’s messaging.
  • Design Process After we immerse ourselves in understanding who you are and what makes you ‘tick’, our team of creative designers will create a distinct exhibition stand that elevates your brand, its values and the message you want to send to the crowds attending CPHI Celebration 2024.
  • Ready, Set, Display When we’ve finished our designs and have left you absolutely mesmerised, we will start building your tailored exhibition stand for a simple installation at CPHI Celebration 2024 and ready to have your company catch the attention of everybody.
  • Collaboration More than just a design, we want to curate an experience for visitors and attendees whose attention is captured by the bespoke exhibition stand we’ve provided. We believe in doing more than just providing exhibition stands for your company and view ourselves as partners who benefit from your success. As a successful exhibition stand is a reflection of us, we believe in going above and beyond for our clients.
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Why choose us?

For over three decades now we have been creating immersive experiences by blending your company’s identity with engaging and interactive elements that help capture the attention of spectators.

We don’t just create bespoke exhibition stands, we create brand experiences that are engaging and can incorporate everything from captivating designs to innovative digital solutions. We offer everything needed for your business to effectively engage clients and provide a lasting impression.

As a turnkey business, we believe in simplifying the process for our clients, so you can focus on networking and growth in Milan. We understand that being in the global hub of fashion and design demands a dynamic, custom exhibition stand that matches the same energy. At Iguana, we create visually striking and engaging stands tailored to your brand, ensuring you make a great impression.

What Iguana Can Offer

Meet, Connect and Expand

CPHI Celebration 2024 is three days long and presents an excellent opportunity to network, get inspired and connect with pharmaceutical industry leaders from across the globe and generate new business 

Sustainable Focus

Our displays are not just a reflection of our hard work, but also our values, as we utilise renewable and recycled materials every chance we get. Our stands not only display eye-catching designs, but a commitment to the environment. 

Make A Statement

Do you have a product or service that can change the pharmaceutical industry? Do you have an important message you want to get across in an impactful manner? Regardless of the message or opportunity you’re trying to get across, our team will help you deliver it at CPHI Celebration 2024.

Colloborate and Succeed Together

The significance of giving a clear message cannot be overstated. Your bespoke exhibition stand is one of the ways to help you get your message to anybody who lays eyes on it. That’s why we make it a priority to understand your industry and company’s values before starting our design process, as it’s pivotal that your exhibition stand represents what your company is about.

Versatility and Flexibility

Our team of skilled designers and constructors are what helps turn your company’s vision into a reality. We’re experienced in providing various industries with bespoke exhibition stands at some major events, some of those being  MWCAgritechnicaG2EThe London Book Fair and more.

Pride In Our Reputation

We don’t attach our name to just any exhibition stand, it must be designed and constructed to the highest standards. That’s why we won’t sign off on an exhibition stand unless it meets our rigorous criteria. We take pride in our reputation and in providing you with only the best exhibition stands.

Brand Exposure custom build exhibition stand by Iguana

Why Exhibit at CPHI?

Don’t pass on the opportunity to grow your business and gain brand recognition. A networking opportunity of this magnitude doesn’t come every so often, and first impressions are everything. CPHI 2024 will feature over 1400 participants representing over 70 countries, along with over 400 C-level executives in attendance.

Capture the attention of this massive audience of pharma professionals with an exhibition stand that will get your company noticed. Be the highlight of the week between October 8th and October 10th, 2024. Make your brand stand out from the rest!

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