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Is your business ready to make an impression in front of 27,000 delegates attending the SiGMA Europe Summit in Malta? To stand out in front of those in the global gaming industry takes more than just a booth with some pamphlets. You need a visually stunning and attention grabbing exhibition stand.

Iguana Group provides you with all the necessary features to capture attention, enhance your brand visibility and provide clear messaging to your target audience. Allow us to wow you.

Showcase Your Company With Iguana Group

  • Getting to Know Your Business – At Iguana, we work with you to understand the ins and outs of your business. The more we know about your business the better we can provide you with a bespoke exhibition stand that will create an impression.
  • Creative Process – Once we’ve learned about your business and industry, our creative team of experts begins designing an exhibition that represents your company and everything it has to offer. Our goal is to help you deliver your company’s message to the attendees of the SiGMA Europe Summit.  
  • Ready, Set, Display – After we’ve stunned you with our creative design, we proceed to build your exhibition stand for a simple installation at the SiGMA Europe Summit. You will then be ready to spread brand awareness while catching everybody’s attention.
  • Collaboration – We understand the importance of having an eye-catching display, especially for those in the gaming industry, it’s why we pride ourselves in creating a stunning display. It reflects well on our business and yours when we provide bespoke exhibition stands that garner attention.  
Minor Hotels Exhibition Stand

Why choose Iguana Group?

When you have more than 30 years of experience you learn a few things about not just building an exhibition stand but creating an experience.

At Iguana Group, we pride ourselves on all aspects of our work, from our creative design team of trendsetters to our hardworking constructors who work meticulously to provide stunning exhibition stands.

We don’t take being a turnkey business lightly, as we aim to make the process of acquiring an exhibition stand a breeze. That way you can focus on planning your trip to Malta and wow-ing everybody at the SiGMA Europe Summit.  

What Iguana Can Offer

Make Lasting Business Partnerships

The SiGMA Europe Summit goes on from the 11th to the 14th of November. It provides the ideal setting to engage with your target audience, generate new business and make a lasting impression in the gaming industry. 

Greener Values

Your exhibition stand sends a powerful message, not just about your business, but about your values. Since many parts of our exhibition stands are made using recyclable materials, you will be sending the message that you care about the environment and the decisions your company makes.

Get Your Message Heard

No matter what message you’re trying to send, our creative team will help you make it loud and clear. Whether you have a product or service to promote to the gaming community, we can provide you with everything needed to captivate and inform your audience.


We see ourselves as a partner, therefore we’re heavily vested in your success. We want to provide you with an exhibition stand that steals the show. It’s why getting to understand your business is such a priority for us, as the more we know the better we can serve.

Our Track Record

The opportunity presented at the SiGMA Europe Summit isn’t lost on us and we’re here to help you go ‘all in’ on a bespoke exhibition stand that will showcase what your company has to offer. Just like we’ve done so before for past events, such as MWCAgritechnicaG2EThe London Book Fair and more.

Pride In Our Work

We hold ourselves to a high standard, it’s why before signing off on any exhibition stand, we make sure it meets our rigorous criteria. It has to exemplify the creativity, versatility and functionality that we pride ourselves on delivering.

Wago Two Tier Bespoke Exhibition Stand

Why Exhibit at the SiGMA Europe Summit?

The SiGMA Europe Summit will provide you with the opportunity to showcase your brand to thousands of attendees from all over the world. Whether you’re looking to network and build new business relationships or present a product to your target audience, the SiGMA Europe Summit can help enhance your brand’s visibility tenfold.

Begin Your Journey

Let us be the ace up your sleeve at the SiGMA Europe Summit and enquire about our exhibition stands guaranteed to captivate your audience.

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