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From the bustling marinas of the UK to the iconic docks of Miami, boat shows are where industry leaders, enthusiasts and luxury seekers converge. Taking your business to a boating exhibition, with the blend of tradition and luxury that often accompanies such shows, demands an exhibition stand that embodies these very traits.

In this sea of cutting-edge designs and prestigious brands, standing out is paramount. Our custom-designed and expertly built exhibition stands for boat shows go well beyond the norm, ensuring your brand sails ahead of the competition. With Iguana, it’s not just about showcasing your business and wares, it’s about making a statement in a space where distinction is everything.

Stands Designed and Built for Boat Shows

Boat shows offer their visitors – both trade and public – an arena of elegance, sophistication and unmatched passion for maritime excellence. With every ship anchored and every sail unfurled, brands jostle for the limelight, aiming to make waves and leave an indelible mark. Iguana Group has been at the helm of revolutionising this space with our tailored exhibition stand design and build services. Our stands are more than just structures, they’re the very essence of your brand, materialised in an environment where the stakes are high and the competition fierce.

Our seasoned team dives deep into understanding the unique ethos and narrative of your brand. By harnessing cutting-edge design techniques, coupled with profound insights from our experiences across British and European venues, we curate stands that not only stand out but set benchmarks. Our designs echo with distinction and class. Trust in Iguana’s expertise and let us anchor your brand’s legacy at your next big boat show.

Astute custom built stand

Why Choose Us for Your Next Boat Show?

With a track record spanning decades, we understand the nuances and expectations of exhibition spaces at boat shows unlike any other. Every stand we design is backed by thorough research, ensuring it resonates with your audience. Our deep-rooted experience, combined with a passion for innovation, means that we don’t just meet expectations—we exceed them. From navigating local regulations to blending in cultural subtleties, our global exposure ensures smooth sailing for your brand at any boat show. Whether you need a stand designed for a superyacht exhibition, exhibition stands for the prestigious Southampton International Boat Show, or any number of other bustling boat shows across the UK and Europe, Iguana can deliver.

What We Can Offer

Engage Your Attendees in a Unique Experience

Believing in the transformative power of exhibitions, we sculpt spaces that not only showcase but also deeply involve your visitors. Our stands become focal points, captivating attention long after the show concludes.

Convey Your Essential Message

In the bustling environment of exhibitions, clarity is paramount. From overarching themes to minute elements, our designs communicate your brand in ways that strike a chord with attendees.

Bring Your Brand to Life

Our creative expertise turns brand concepts into palpable realities. With thoughtful design and technological innovation, we give your brand a dynamic, unforgettable presence at any event.

Proven Track Record

With years of expertise, we’ve made our mark in numerous exhibition spaces, both within the UK and internationally. We use this experience to develop stands that align with diverse audiences across a myriad of sectors.

Our Methodology

Ours is a process rooted in partnership. We engage, conceptualise, craft and build your stand, involving you at every stage. This inclusive approach ensures a stand that’s a genuine reflection of your brand and ideals.

Core Principles

Our passion for design is matched only by our commitment to environmental care and our unwavering dedication to our clients. These principles guide every project, from conception to completion.


The foundation of our collaborations is trust. We value the faith you place in us, focusing on consistent quality and maintaining clear dialogue throughout our engagement.


Being environmentally conscious, we implement green methodologies across our projects. This includes the use of sustainable materials in our stands and the adoption of eco-friendly processes.

Utilising Advanced Tech

Modern technology offers endless possibilities, and we’re at the forefront. Whether it’s immersive virtual realms or responsive displays, we bring the latest advancements to your stand.

Client-First Focus

Our operations revolve around our clients. Every decision, every strategy prioritises your goals, respects your financial parameters and aims for an optimal return on your investment.

When Are the Next Boat Shows?

For boating enthusiasts and industry professionals alike, boat shows are unmissable spectacles that showcase the latest in yachting design, marine technology and luxury sea vessels. If you’re looking to exhibit, it’s never too early to start talking about boat show exhibition stand design. Here are just some of the upcoming shows to mark on your calendar:

February 2024

  • Helsinki International Boat Show (9-18 February)
  • Miami International Boat Show (14-18 February)

March 2024

  • Dubai International Boat Show (TBC)

April 2024

  • London Luxury Afloat (TBC)
  • The South Coast & Green Tech Boat Show (19-21 April)

May 2024

  • British Motor Yacht Show (TBC)
  • Crick Boat Show (25-27 May)

September 2024 Southampton International Boat Show (TBC)

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