2024’s NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) conference isn’t far off, and the event is an exciting time for aerospace businesses and those who rely on aviation to come together to share new insights and opportunities to become more efficient, productive and successful.    

NBAA Las Vegas is this year’s number one event to showcase your business to industry stakeholders across America and the world! Iguana Group can design, build and deliver an exhibition stand that takes you sky high and leaves a lasting impression. 

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Our Experience at the NBAA Convention

Iguana Group has worked with many aviation businesses to design exhibition stands for this very event, crafted with your brand’s vision and ethos in mind, enabling a captivating NBAA exhibition stand that draws in people from all areas of the world.  

We have worked at the NBAA convention numerous times, and our easy and effective process, from design and construction to installation and dismantling, has benefited all our clients. You won’t find exhibition stands like ours anywhere else, as we can implement the latest technologies, provide innovative areas that highlight your branding, create customer focused rooms and much more. The NBAA-BACE (Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition) is host to over 11,000 companies and professionals that are marketing their aviation products and services, so acquiring the ideal space to display your exhibition stand can be handled by the team at Iguana Group. We offer full turnkey services and can navigate all aisles of NBAA events to get you booked in and ready to soar. 


Why Choose Us to Build Your Exhibition Stands for the NBAA Las Vegas Conference?

Iguana Group has been designing and building exhibition stands for more than 30 years, with our team and process evolving with the changes in marketing and various industries. With Iguana Group, you’re not just choosing a marketing solution, you’re working with a team that has the expertise to understand what makes your company tick. We work bespoke to your needs and incorporate immersive solutions for all involved in the NBAA convention.    

You tell us your ideas and design preferences and we bring them to life. Our turnkey service covers everything from the initial planning and design phase, all the way through to building and installation, as well as dismantling. Your experience with Iguana Group will be hassle-free, allowing you to focus on interacting with a wide range of people and investors at the 2024 NBAA convention.  

With the aerospace industry looking for ways to become more eco-conscious and sustainable, our exhibition stands can carry forward that goal. Our stands are strategically designed with eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring energy-efficient technology and recyclable materials as well as our team dismantling your stand to be used over again, resulting in minimal waste.  



What We Can Offer…

Impact Your Target Audience

At the NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas, an exhibition stand needs to leave a lasting impression on your target audience and be hospitable, inviting and engaging. With an exhibition stand that will fly above the clouds, Iguana Group helps you leave a lasting impact.  

Sustainable Exhibition Solutions 

Wherever we can, we are dedicated to offering sustainable solutions. If your aviation company aspires to be at the forefront of sustainability, Iguana Group specialises in designing NBAA stands that are eco-friendly in every way, from the materials and inks used to low-power lighting and reusable sections.   

Cutting Edge Technology

With your NBAA-BACE 2024 stand, dazzle your audience with the latest tech developments to provide a more interactive and engaging experience. We can install the appropriate equipment, such as interactive displays, augmented reality and many other digital advancements, perfect for the aerospace sector, regardless of the size or scope of your exhibition stand. 

Collaboration is Key

Your values and needs are important to us, so we work with you at every stage of the process to ensure your needs are not only met but surpassed. You are involved in the entire creative process of realising your concept for your NBAA conference stand.

Exhibition Experience

Even though we are based in the UK, our expertise in crafting environments that connect with a wide range of people has been refined over decades of designing and constructing exhibition stands all around the world. Our knowledge of what functions best, wherever and for whomever you’re showing, is shaped by our extensive experience. 

Unwavering Values

Our core values include our love of design, our adherence to environmental responsibility and our devotion to client satisfaction. These ideas serve as the foundation for everything we do, from each discussion and exhibition stand we construct to our amazing aftercare when the NBAA event comes to an end.   

When is NBAA 2024?

2024’s NBAA convention is taking place on October 22-24th in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Convention Centre will be the venue to see the latest aircraft, innovations for the flight deck and to interact with a host of businesses and individuals who are leading the way for the future of the industry.    

Contact Us to Start your Stand Design

Get your bespoke NBAA conference stand designed and built with Iguana’s services. It all starts with a phone call on 01527 861111 or send us your information by emailing enquiries@iguanagroup.co.uk or filling out our contact form below.  

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