our sustainability charter

At Iguana Group, we understand that your brand is a promise – a promise of quality, of value, of a brighter future.

We live in a world with finite resources, and the events industry must partner with its clients to promote a greener future. Our 5-point Sustainability Charter is a commitment to:

1. Promote the use of sustainable construction methods and materials
2. Reduce energy footprint at all events
3. Dispose of waste responsibly
4. Minimise emissions through carbon offsetting
5. Encourage re-use

we are brave, bold and fearless
we are adaptable, determined and creative
we let our actions do the talking
we are iguana group

We are delivering on this charter by making meaningful changes to the way we work, by living up to the duty of care we have to our clients and to the wider global community. For example:

1. Promoting the use of sustainable construction methods and materials

Leveraging modular, re-usable systems for flooring, walling, hanging signs, doors

Using reclaimed materials such as scaffolding boards or chipboard

Avoiding the use of harmful materials that cannot be recycled, or that can be harmful to the environment

Using water-based, low-VOC paints and recycled fabrics for graphics

2. Ensuring low electrical consumption footprint at all events

All our stands will utilise LED lighting throughout and energy efficient screens

3. Disposal of all waste responsibly

Ensuring that all recyclable items are sent to appropriate recycling centers

“Upcycling” any items that are non-recyclable and donating any reusable items

Undertaking a process of due diligence on the waste disposal policies of all suppliers

4. Reducing emissions through carbon offsetting:

Through our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, we will make a CO service available to all our clients

Employing environmentally friendly transport for our materials and our staff

Reducing transportation requirements, we will use lightweight and space-efficient construction materials

5. Promoting stand re-usability

All clients will be offered the option of a “kit stand” that can be reused over multiple shows and years