Sometimes you need to express your brand visually, perhaps in an abstract way, or a realistic depiction of your product or services. Iguana Group can help you visualise your brand or product through graphic design, 3D visualisation and more. Using animation or explainer videos to bring your product to life adds an element of interest and movement to your marketing content.

Product Renders

An Unrivalled Experience for a Market Leader in the Publishing Industry

Sometimes photography is not an option for your product. In these cases, photo-realistic 3D design might be the answer. With extensive experience in Computer Aided Design (CAD), our in-house design team can model any product to an intricate level of detail. We can render the 3D images to a level of quality that is indistinguishable from a real photo.

Binding Site Branding Artwork

Re-defining a brand identity within the pharmaceutical industry

We started working with Binding Site towards the start of 2020, when they approached us about designing both an Exhibition stand and the graphic artwork that would be used on both their stand and marketing files. The brief for the artwork was to create background imagery that was influenced by the Antibody symbols that they specialise in, as well as a timeline graphic showing the history of the company, along with other various graphics for the Exhibition stand. With this we went on to create the “Antibody Forest”, a tiled pattern designed to reflect the Antibody symbols in a simple and subtle, yet recognisable way for use across all marketing material and Exhibition stand artwork. The history graphic was inspired by their global reach, including a world map set in the background of a simple timeline which identifies key years and achievements of the company.