Harper Collins Publishers custom build exhibition stand

Not content with simply delivering on the promise of the initial concept, Iguana are always striving to improve on past performances and frequently suggest ways in which the stand could evolve to better service our business needs.

Group Design Manager

Client Requirements

Maximizing Brand Impact Creative Collaboration Spaces

Harper Collins are one of the world’s leading book publishers, publishing around 1,500 books every year for readers of all ages and interests. It is essential that they have a commanding presence at the two biggest book fairs around the globe in London and Frankfurt.

Central to their requirements it the ability to hold as many meetings as possible with their customers and prospects. Thus the challenge here was to facilitate as much space as possible for creative collaboration, whilst still provided maximum brand impact.

Iguana’s Solution

Elevating the Exhibition Space: Iguana’s Spatial Planning Strategy

Any exhibition space must look and feel fabulous, but this counts for nothing if the spatial layout is not planned meticulously.

Iguana’s approach here was to create a large open area that allowed for maximum meeting space, but emphasised the brand presence with a large central structure built with quality finishes and added audio visual for extra impact of their bespoke stand.

The Result

Evolution of Exhibition Experiences

This stand has been a great success for Harper Collins, and is a great example of how an exhibition experience has continued to evolve and deliver ROI since its first incarnation in 2015.

Exhibitions, their requirements, and their audience constantly change, and it’s essential that we adapt and improve based on those changes.



350 m2

Stand Space


Meeting Seats

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