Tech Solutions to Create an Interactive Experience on Your Exhibition Stand

One of the most common questions that we get asked is how an exhibitor can create a fully interactive experience on their stand using technology solutions. At Iguana Group we work with a range innovative suppliers to deliver our clients the latest in immersive tech to really enhance the experience of visitors to their exhibition stand or event. Here we will share with you some of our more popular solutions and their uses.

A word of warning first though: having progressive and exciting technology without a clearly defined purpose is a quick route to failure! Think about why you want to engage your customers through immersive tech. Common goals include:

  • Lead generation – to collect customer data and contact details
  • Product or service exploration – to demonstrate the value-add of your offering
  • Brand exposure – to communicate your brand values and USP
  • Positioning – to position yourself as an innovation leader in your market

Once you have a clear aim in mind, it’s much easier to choose an appropriate technology to engage your target audience.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (or AR) has become a much more affordable technology in recent years. Probably the strongest advantage of AR is its portability and ease of use – all you need to engage your audience is a smart phone or tablet.

AR is an excellent option for exposing your customers to your physical products, particularly when your product or your full range of products is too large to show in person. It allows a user to position the product in any context, to explore it fully in 3 dimensions and even to interact with the various hotspots. All of this can be achieved in a fully branded and bespoke application that can be rolled out to any device with a camera.

Another technology that has come to the forefront recently is “app-less” augmented reality. In this case no application is required, the technology functions using any devices camera and web browser. An ideal application for this technology is the “explainer” – where your customers can scan a QR code and receive an interactive explanation of your brand or company, or an individual product or service.

Virtual Spaces

During the COVID pandemic, virtual events underwent somewhat of a coming-of-age. As physical meetings were taken off the table, the virtual environment became the primary means of showcasing products and services to customers.

Virtual spaces remain today an excellent environment to connect with your customers when they are not able to attend your event or physical space in person.  Virtual exhibitions, conferences, showrooms and offices are not limited by the constraints of the physical work, so you can really let your imagination run loose. When used alongside a physical exhibition, they can create an excellent “hybrid” experience for potential customers, and many of the assets that have been created for the physical implementation can be re-purposed in the virtual world.

ATLONACOMM – Atlona’s virtual event environment went live during the pandemic, but was used as a hybrid event space long after physical events returned.

Interactive Media

Touchscreens have become commonplace in our everyday lives and are no longer a truly innovative way to showcase your products or services. Instead, visitors are drawn in increasing numbers to more interactive media, where technology is partnered with physical engagement to produce a more immersive experience.

The options available for interactive media are myriad, but below are a few suggestions that Iguana Group can deliver alongside our immersive technology partners.

Conductive Ink, in partnership with Immersive AV
Object Recognition, iPad Walls and Smart Windows, in partnership with Gravit8

These are just a very small sample of the immersive technology options available for you at your exhibition, your showroom, your offices or any other environment in which you think you might do business. Get in touch with us today and we can start building your proposal based on your requirements.