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Mark the date! The London Book Fair 2024 is coming from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th March 2024 at London’s famous Olympia. With over 25,000 visitors in 2023 and expectations set even higher for 2024, your brand has the golden opportunity to steal the show. How? By using the right contractor to design and build you a centrepiece exhibition space that truly breaks the mould and stands above the competition.   

That’s where Iguana comes in. We’re in the business of turning heads and starting conversations – we craft, we construct, and we captivate with our world-class exhibition stands. From paper sketches to polished stands, our process is as captivating as your favourite page-turner. In a grand Victorian exhibition space that’s thriving with literary luminaries, displays tailored to reflect your brand’s story, are the only surefire way to capture attention and make an impact.  

With the fair set for the first quarter of 2024, there’s no time to lose. Time is ticking, stories are brewing, and Iguana is ready to put your tale on a pedestal amidst the literary world’s crème de la crème. Ready to be the talk of LBF 2024? Get in touch and book us today! 

Harper Collins bespoke exhibition stand

Why Choose Us for the London Book Fair 2024? 

In the heart of the literary world, where stories come to life and connections are forged, your brand deserves a stand that truly makes a statement. At Iguana, we understand this distinction. Each detail of our bespoke exhibition stands is meticulously crafted to represent your brand’s essence and vision. Do you remember the enchanting HarperCollins stand from previous years? That entryway masterpiece was crafted by our dedicated team, a testament to our expertise and dedication.  

Our journey begins with understanding. We dive deep into your brand’s story, its values and its aspirations. From there, we sketch, design, iterate and, finally, construct a stand that is not just visually appealing but resonates with your brand’s voice. We pride ourselves on a transparent and collaborative process, ensuring you’re involved at every step. The result? A stand at the London Book Fair that doesn’t just occupy space but demands attention. 

Our commitment is to bring your brand to life – no matter how big or small your niche – in a space bustling with attendees. With Iguana as your bespoke exhibition stand contractor, your narrative will be front and centre, captivating attendees and forging lasting relationships.  

Benefits of Exhibiting at the London Book Fair

The London Book Fair is a major event for the literary world, acting as an epicentre of the global publishing industry. Here are just a few snapshots of its undeniable significance:  

Global Influence: The London Book Fair charts the course for the entire literary year. It’s the global hub where publishing’s next big trends emerge.  

Networking Powerhouse: Professionals from all corners of publishing come to connect, ensuring they’re in the loop with the industry’s latest shifts.  

Showcase of Diversity: Over 2,200 exhibitors from more than 135 countries will present their literary creations at LBF 2024.  

Knowledge Centre: Attendees gain vital insights from rich, in-person conferences. Over 200 global delegates are expected for the Monday Conference alone. 

Celebration of Excellence: The Fair honours everyone, from seasoned industry giants to emerging talents.

 Publishing’s Pulse: As a convergence of industry stakeholders, from rights dealers to licensors, it’s THE place to be seen if you’re part of the industry. 

Economic Impact: Tens of millions of pounds in publishing deals and foreign rights sales are negotiated here each year. 

Growing Popularity: With 25,000 visitors last year, 2024 is set to break that record with even higher attendance. 

As the literary world prepares for this pivotal gathering, ensure your brand is represented with the prominence it deserves. Choose Iguana as your exhibition stand builder, and together we’ll ensure your business is represented to the fullest of its potential.  


What Iguana Offers

Creative Spaces

Exhibitions offer a direct channel to captivate and connect with your audience. Illuminate your brand with immersive experiences that yield measurable returns. 

Digital Engagements

Dive into the vast possibilities of the digital landscape. From augmented vistas and virtual spaces to tangible interactions and tailored apps, discover limitless ways to enchant your customers.  

Event Coordination

From enlightening conferences and keynote addresses to intimate dinners and team activities, events bring your clients and team together for shared experiences and lasting memories.  

Building Confidence

We value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Delivering consistently high-quality stands and fostering transparent communication form the essence of our long-standing relationships.

Eco-Responsible Designs

With the planet in mind, we adopt green strategies in our workflow. From using materials that can be recycled to adopting energy-conscious methods, . 

Leveraging the Latest Tech

Modern tech isn’t just an additional extra with our stands, it’s integral to our designs. Be it augmented reality engagements or touch-responsive interfaces, we bring cutting-edge tech to exhibitions,  

A Testimonial of Artisanship: The HarperCollins Collaboration

HarperCollins, a leading light in the publishing world, needed a stand at the London Book Fair that did justice to their stature. They brought us a vision: a space that married brand visibility with the need for creative collaborations. Our alliance transformed this vision into a commanding physical space – no small undertaking especially when you factor in that HarperCollins has booked one of the most prime spots on the exhibition show floor – right at the main entrance.  

 From meticulous spatial planning to a grand central structure fortified with cutting-edge audio-visuals, we delivered a stand that was both functional and iconic. Since its debut in 2015, it’s been a beacon of how we evolve with the times and a testament to our dedication to our craft and our clients.

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