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When it comes to creativity and innovation, Iguana is the team to push boundaries, expand minds and develop exhibition stands that your potential new customers don’t just visit, they experience. For the last 30 years, we have been delivering engaging and informative exhibition stand design and construction that encompasses our customers’ brands and attracts new visitors.  

In the exhibition business, we believe there is no shame in showing off, in fact, we actively encourage it, and the way for your brand to grab the headlines at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) 2024, in Amsterdam from the 13th – 16th September, is to have a custom exhibition stand designed that, not only captures the heart of your brand, but captures the hearts of your audience too.  

RDI Solutions custom built exhibition stand

Why choose us as your stand builders for Amsterdam IBC

With the IBC 2024 in Amsterdam less than a year away, the question should really be, what took you so long? The IBC conference is known throughout the industry as the place for the unveiling of game-changing innovations that demand attention, and it is prudent for all businesses to attend so they can stay on top of their game or even get ahead of the competition. 

With an expected 45,000 visitors in attendance over the three days, 325 prominent speakers and over 1,200 exhibitions, there is opportunity everywhere to make great strides and forge partnerships to move your company to the next level. But why go looking for them when you can make them come to you? 

At Iguana, we listen to you. We listen to you so we can understand and represent you with each small detail precise and correct, which is why our client relationships don’t just finish with a sale, they continue to greater opportunities as we cultivate and nurture strong and lasting partnerships. 

Our bespoke to you designs, constructs and installs stands that steal attention, as the exquisite and intricate designs put your brand centre stage, and the delivery of engaging information and the showcasing of your fantastic products and services keep you in the spotlight.  

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, well actually we do. We thoroughly enjoy doing that because we know we have the minerals to back it up, and we know when it comes to custom exhibition stand design, we are award winners, and partnering with us for the IBC 2024 will put your name on everyone’s lips.  

Find out more information about how we work, and now we have got your attention, get in touch and see what we can deliver for you.  

Insights and reasons to attend IBC Amsterdam 2024

The IBC Conference is the place to be each year for anyone in the media and entertainment industry to learn of new innovations, industry advancement and above all network to create new and fantastic partnerships to aid great strides forward for your company.

The 2024 IBC is in Amsterdam from the 13th – 16th of September and expects to welcome approximately 45,000 industry colleagues and visitors to the three-day conference. There will be 325 prominent speakers delivering presentations and unveilings of many new technologies and trends, and over 1200 exhibitors to exchange valuable information and create strong business relationships, whilst allowing you to benefit from the knowledge of experts. 

Here is a breakdown of other reasons to attend: 

  • Live stream of IBC Digital platform where entrepreneurs will get access to designated show floor theatres to build networking. 
  • Introducing the Content Everywhere stage, where visitors can meet the most promising tech novices. 
  • Demonstrations, product pavilions and competitions will be held at the Expo. 
  • Special events like the Accelerator Media Innovation program and the Accelerator Kickstart Day will attract industry leaders. 
  • Get access to lectures, presentations and expert talks on essential industry topics. 

What Iguana Group will Offer

Give Your Prospectives an Experience

Our goal for IBC Amsterdam is more than just delivering you a stand – it’s about creating you an immersive space that captures attention, evokes emotions and lingers in the minds of attendees, ensuring they remember your products and services long after the event concludes.

Communicate Clearly

Cut through the cacophony of the exhibition hall and get your message across quickly and clearly. We build stands not just to showcase but to connect with your audience, conveying your brand’s ethos and values with precision and flair. 

Bring Your Brand to Life

Our exhibition designs are carefully crafted to be a living manifestation of your brand. We ensure your company is presented as a lively and unforgettable entity, especially for an event like IBC Amsterdam, where standing out is just that bit harder among the rest. 

Decades of Exhibition Experience

Spanning over three decades, we’ve showcased brands at myriad exhibitions, both in the UK and internationally. The seasoned expertise of our dedicated team equips us to craft tailored stands to the exacting preferences of IBC Amsterdam attendees.

Our Collaborative Process

Your insights, combined with our expertise, make the perfect stand. From ideation to execution, we engage with you at each phase, ensuring the final product is a genuine representation of your brand that truly stands out at the IBC Amsterdam event. 

What Drives Us

Our fervour for design, dedication to sustainable solutions and unwavering commitment to our clientele form the backbone of our business. Every stand we create, including of course those for IBC Amsterdam, is a testament to these long-held values.

Building Confidence

We value the faith and trust our clients place in us. Delivering consistently high-quality stands and fostering transparent communication form the essence of our long-standing relationships.

Eco-Responsible Designs

With the planet in mind, we adopt green strategies in our workflow. From using materials that can be recycled to adopting energy-conscious methods, our stands at IBC Amsterdam will reflect our – and your – eco-ethos. 

Leveraging the Latest Tech

Modern tech isn’t just an additional extra with our stands, it’s integral to our designs. Be it augmented reality engagements or touch-responsive interfaces, we bring cutting-edge tech to exhibitions, particularly for dynamic events like IBC Amsterdam. 

Every client is pivotal to us. With a service approach centred around you, we ensure that our stands not only fit your budgetary constraints but also amplify your return on investment at the IBC Amsterdam and beyond. 

Harper Collins bespoke exhibition stand

Showcase your brand at IBC Amsterdam

Variety is the spice of life, and we are always interested in something new and different. It particularly gets our designers excited when there is a unique twist to a company or product, or a particular caveat included in the brief. A great example of this was when we had to create an exhibition stand for logistic giants DPD for the Fully Charged Live expo, but it had to be sustainable, or when we had to recreate the feel of a cosy coffee shop that commanded presence at the London and Frankfurt book fairs for publishing titans Harper Collins.   

We have a great portfolio of some of our awe-inspiring exhibition designs that have been proudly promoting the name of brands at some of the biggest conferences, exhibitions, expos and fairs throughout Europe. Click on the link to browse a small selection of our work that shows how versatile and creative we really can be. 

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So, you have come this far, which can only mean we have grabbed your attention. See, it is what we do. We may come across as rather sure of ourselves, but these are not empty promises, we back this up with experience, skill and creative talent throughout our team, and draw on all the tools at our disposal to ensure your exhibition stand shouts out about your brand as much as we do about ours. 

You are only ever restricted by your own imagination, so get in touch with our team and let’s see what we can all imagine together.

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